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What is F31 « large analog instant photography »?

Why the project I LOVE MY HOME was invented?


The project F31 derives from an innovative collaboration between the portraitist Roberto Prosdocimo and the excellent photographer Federico Lanzani, with the aim of bringing photography, nowadays essentially disposable, back to the its unique and incredible scene.

That’s because it is important to describe and give substance to the places we live in; we want them to be illustrated as they really are.
Your houses, your lives and your district are with you every day.


The support, photographic paper, has for F31 an incredible and priceless value, that must be maintained and reevaluated. Thus, they succeeded ameliorating the process of inversion of the photographic paper, in order not to produce in negative, but in positive (black and white, colors). This incredible technique is only used by very few people all over the world.

The project I LOVE MY HOME, will tell with love and respect the stories of you, your houses and your living district, in order to make everything even better.


As the fathers of “straight photography” did more than 80 years ago through the Group f64, describing through pure photography the stories of America at that time, F31 wants to propose again this concept to describe our time.

This photographic project is incarnated by a contemporary style of photography, whose roots are in the past, when the support, the photographic paper, had an inestimable value.


No digital photography, no photoshop, no fiction, only the charm of every single moment of people and places’ lives, immortalized by the camera.

The same value that have your houses, your district and your lives today.

For more information about the project: | Tel +39 02 76390094

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